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OS Development Demo Code

A while ago, I wrote some demo code to demonstrate various things you need to do to write your own operating system.
In May 2010 I held a lecture and workshop about this code and the concepts at SigInt conference in Cologne, Germany.

I just thought that this code may be interesting to other people who did not attend this conference. (mehr …)

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Almost a year ago I bought an HTC Magic (also known as the G2) phone as a replacement for my iPhone.
I was quite happy with it since it had the newest Android 1.5 and there was also an update released by Google to get it to version 1.6.

Now, that there are much fancier phones out there, like the Nexus One and Motorola Milestone, there must be a reason for people to buy them. The consequence about that is that they are holding back any updates to Android 2.0 or 2.1 for older phones. At least that’s my impression.

I also ever wanted to build and run my own Android since it is open source. At least that’s what Google says.
My first steps were quite disappointing since there was no device specific package for my G2 in the source tree. There was only one for the HTC Dream (G1).

Yesterday I wanted to give it another try and it was a success. I will post my steps here which are especially for the HTC Magic (or G2, HTC Sapphire, MyTouch 3G, Google IO – they are all the same) but it should be possible to do this with other phones as long as you have all the device specific blobs like the GSM Baseband layer or low level hardware drivers for your specific device.
Also keep in mind that this won’t be a normal guide like „How can I root this phone?“ I assume that you more or less know what you are doing. So don’t blame me when you brick your phone: Shit happens and I’m not going to fix it. (mehr …)

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